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tree removal

complete removal by felling or dismantling may be necessary if a tree is diseased,  dead,  or represents a clear and present danger to people or property

Removal of a mature tree is justified if the tree is dead or dying,  is considered irreparably hazardous and needs to be removed for safety,  or if the tree is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning.   Felling may also be employed if the tree is crowding or causing harm to other trees,  or if it is to be replaced by a more vigorous specimen.   Planning permitting,  mature trees could also be removed to allow for new construction.

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straight felling

This is the removal of the complete tree as a single unit.   This felling method is limited to situations where there is no risk of damage to property,  or danger to persons.   Trees to be straight felled will be guided by the use of pulling ropes and felling wedges to ensure a perfectly controlled directional fall is achieved.

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tree dismantling

completely removing a tree in sections where space in a garden is limited

Sometimes referred to as a 'controlled drop' or 'sectional felling',  this is the complete removal of a tree section by section,  from the top down.   Whilst a slightly more time consuming process,  it is the only option where limited space does not permit a directional felling.   Ropes,  pulleys and friction brakes are employed to control every stage of the operation.

Regardless of the method,  if a delay between felling and stump removal is expected,  to avoid a trip hazard it will always be left at a hight of at least one metre.   See;   stump grinding. . .

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transplanting trees

transplanting is a cost effective and time saving way of enhancing landscapes

There are several reasons why you might wish to move a mature specimen;

Trees and hedges with Preservation Orders can be relocated,  with local authority approval,  to increase access or plot size.   These can be moved directly to new locations,  to a temporary storage area,  or moved off-site for replanting elsewhere.

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replanting trees

maintaining arboreal stock with the right tree in the right place

Tree selection is one of the most important investment decisions a home owner makes when landscaping a new garden or replacing a damaged or diseased tree.   Whether replanting seedlings,  saplings or more mature trees,  for screening,  damp reduction or purely for aesthetic reasons,  the impact of tree planting is one that can influence a lifetime and must benefit both the tree,  and the owner of the property,  for many years.

As well as planting our own supplied trees and hedges for private customers,  Tree Team Wales also offer a trade price commercial service to Garden Designers,  Landscape Architects and Landscapers who do not have the resources to plant large specimens.

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your questions, answered!

answers to the most common questions about tree felling and removal.

How much do you charge?
Cost is dependent on a number of factors,  including;  The size and condition of the tree and whether there are any buildings,  cables,  roofs or outbuildings within the felling radius.   We'd also need to consider access for machinery and. . .  does all of the felled timber waste need to be taken away,  or can it be left onsite?

Distance travelled from Milford Haven must also be considered,  so why not use our FREE photo survey and quote?

What is a TPO?
A TPO is a Tree Preservation Order.   Tree Team Wales in Pembrokeshire will contact the council on your behalf to check the legal status of any trees that you require felling or removing.

Will removal damage nearby buildings?
We only use trained arborists to perform technical tree cutting work.  Branches are safely lowered and every precaution is taken to prevent damage to the property.   If,  in the most unlikely circumstances,  an accident does occur,  Tree Team Wales will pay for damage to be repaired,  unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Are there any other options apart from removal?
We will always look at the health of a tree before complete removal is recommended.   It may be the case that the tree can be crown lifted or lowered in height,  preserving the health of the tree whilst largely fulfilling the demands of a customer.

Is there a discount if we clear up the resulting waste?
Yes, this will attract a lower fee and can be discussed when we give the free quotation.   Try our FREE photo survey and quote

Will a tree regrow from the remaining stump?
Depending upon the variety,  yes.   New growth can often appear a year or so after felling,  especially with sycamore or ash.   We can advise on drilling or poisoning the stump to prevent regrowth,  or remove the stump by grinding.

Can you split the resulting timber for our log burner?
Yes we can for an additional charge or hire an industrial log splitter for your needs.

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pembroke to carmarthen

from milford haven & haverfordwest to bury port or kidwelly

Expert tree surgeons from Tree Team Wales are available to carry out felling,  crown management,  stump removal and free on-site surveys throughout Pembrokeshire and parts of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion,  in South West Wales.

our green commitment

We recognise the importance of trees to the environment so,  for every tree felled, will plant three more seedlings in a protected environment elsewhere.

Cheap tree felling and removal is available from across the whole of the South West, including the towns and villages of:  Dale,  Fishguard,  Broad Haven,  Little Haven,  Marloes,  Narberth,  Burton,  Hook,  Llangwm,  St David's,  Haverfordwest,  Milford Haven,  Pembroke,  Pembroke Dock,  Saundersfoot,  Freshwater East,  Lamphey,  Tenby,  Newgale,  St Brides,  St Ishmaels,  Letterston and Neyland. is part of Top Notch gardening and grounds maintenance